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Walking is a fantastic way to get – and stay – healthy!

There are a three local primary schools and a secondary school that can all be easily reached on foot. The closest being All Saints Church of England Primary School, just a 10-minute walk away. Furthermore, both Fairfield Infant School and St Joseph’s RC Primary School can be reached within 20 minutes on foot. There is also a nursery just 5 minutes walk to the south on Strawberry How Road. Cockermouth also benefits from two supermarkets – Aldi and Sainsbury’s, a Post Office and a number of banks; all of which can be accessed in around 20 minutes on foot. There are also a number of dentists in the local area that can be reached on foot in 10 minutes, whereas the local GP is just over 15 minutes away.

One of the reasons health experts give walking rave reviews is because it’s a ‘lifestyle exercise’. That means you can usually make time for it without too much of a change to your daily routine. Walking to work, to the shops, or the final mile from the bus stop may take a little more time, but it’s certainly not the big project that signing up for a gym (and the time or cost to get there) can be.

If you fancy getting out and about on foot, Cumbria County Council has developed an online guide to access the countryside, and provide walking guides that are aimed at encouraging people to walk as part of getting to work, school, the shops and for leisure purposes. For more information or to access this guide click here.

Useful Walking Links:

Cockermouth Walking Routes

Here are ten short, guided walks around Cockermouth. The guided walks take in the fantastic scenery within and surrounding Cockermouth, highlighting local facilities and features.

Open Access Walks

The more adventurous walker will find Cumbria’s open country walks appealing; they can be found here.

Living Streets

Living Streets is a national charity that supports pedestrians. It provides details of walking campaigns, including Walk to Work Week, and has lots of useful information on why it’s great to walk!

Walking for Health

Walking for Health offers over 3,000 free, short walks every week. Find your nearest health walk scheme here.

Walking for Life

Want to know where to walk or know how long a walk you do regularly is? Do you want to find someone to walk with? Click here for lots of useful walking tips to track your walks and even monitor your fitness levels.


Ramblers is another great website that can provide you with lots of useful information on walking groups in the local area, as well as providing you with a great online tool to help you search for walking routes. Click here to visit the Ramblers website.

Free Online Journey Planner

To find the quickest or easiest way from A to B, use the Google Maps online journey planner click here