Getting on your bike is quick, healthy and low cost.

Cycling is, therefore, a great way to get around the local area, or if you are a little fitter, to travel further afield. Many local facilities in Cockermouth are within easy cycling distance of Strawberry Grange. All Saints Primary School can be accessed in around 2 minutes whereas, Fairfield Primary School and St Joseph’s RC Primary School can be accessed in just over 5 minutes. Residents at Strawberry Grange can also cycle to the local convenience store – Slatefell Stores in a couple of minutes, the Post Office in 5 minutes, and a range of supermarkets including Aldi, One Stop, Sainsbury’s and The Cooperative Food that can be cycled to in around 5 minutes. There is also a local GP and a number of dental practices that can be easily reached by bike in just 5 minutes.

For those that would like to cycle further afield, or for those that cycle for leisure purposes Strawberry Grange is perfectly situated close to a number of National Cycle Routes. A summary of these routes is provided below, however, if you would like more useful information on the cycle routes below visit:

National Cycle Route 71

National Cycle Route 71 can be easily accessed via a segregated path on Bellbrigg Lonning, approximately 500m to the west of Strawberry Grange. In its entirety it is 136 miles long and runs between the Cumbrian coast and Yorkshire, where it joins with National Route 65. To the east, the cycle route runs along Strawberry How Road, and then heads south alongside Bassenthwaite Lake until it eventually splits into two near Thornthwaite. From here one section runs back west towards the Cumbrian Coast and the other continues east towards Keswick. To the west an on-road section of the route runs through Papcastle, Great Broughton and Camerton and eventually links with Workington where a range of local facilities and amenities are available.

National Cycle Route 10

National Cycle Route 10 can be accessed via Castlegate, approximately 1km to the west of Strawberry Grange. National Cycle Route 10 forms much of The Reivers Cycle Route (a 172 miles’ route that runs from Tynemouth to Whitehaven), and from Cockermouth runs north following minor roads and traffic free paths into Central Carlisle. From Carlisle National Cycle Route 7 links the next section of cycle route 10, which then continues through both the Kershorpe Forrest and the Kielder Forrest before reaching Bellingham, where eventually the route runs east, to North Shields.

Useful cycle links:

Cumbria County Council Pages

On Cumbria County Council’s cycle pages, you can find a range of useful links, including cycling maps and guides, details of cycling clubs and venues, and cycle training. Click here for more information.

Sustrans Charity

Sustrans is a national charity that promotes sustainable travel, focusing on cycling. It provides lots of helpful tips and safety advice. The charity also manage the National Cycle Network. To find out more Click here.

Active Travel

Cumbria County Council’s Active Travel initiative is aimed at increasing the number of students using sustainable modes of travel, such as walking, cycling and scooting. The scheme promotes cycle training and discounted helmets for safety.

Local Cycle Rides

Find out about free led cycle rides at: .

Downloadable Cycle Maps

Cumbria County Council Cycling Maps and Guides, can be downloaded here .

A National Cycle Network Map can be downloaded here

Cycling Tips

For handy hints and tips on safe cycling, click here .

Free Online Journey Planner

Cycle Streets is a handy website that allows you to plan a journey by bike. Simply enter your start and end points and the website will do the rest. It will not only give you route options but it will also tell you journey times, number of hills and calories burnt.